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January, 2004:

I've had to close my comments

A sign of the times, some a***hole of a comment spammer has discovered my site, so now I’ve had to close the comments section.

Email me if you want to respond and I’ll post it.


Missing the point of Mocks?

Triggered by “Crazy Bob”:, “Aslak”: and “Simon Brown”: responded on whether it’s better to create your own mocks with the IDE or use one of the dynamic mock packages, such as “JMock” I think Bob and Simon have missed something…

Windows vs. Unix. Is that it?

Joel Spolsky’s article on “Biculturism”: suggests two things to me:

* it more or less implies Windows on the desktop and Unix on the server, which is probably not how Microsoft sees the world but seems to be what many organisations do.
* I may be a member of the last generation of programmers who got to work on operating systems other than variants of Unix or Windows, there’s some supporting evidence from “Rob Pike”: Should we get on the boat with the elves and sail away?

Sometimes you have to bend the rules

In a comment on his posting “Testing the Mock”:, Aslak Hellesoy points out that one of the solutions is less than perfect because it breaks encapsulation to allow testing. That’s true, but sometimes the right thing to do is bend the rules so you can test.