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March 27th, 2004:

A Lesson in Sustainable Pace

Last week Tim Mackinnon, “Nat Pryce”:, “Joe Walnes”: and I pulled out all the stops to get a paper written in time for “OOPSLA”: The only way we could make it was to work overnight on Friday and we finally sent it in at about 5:00 Saturday morning (CyberChair runs on Samoan time, so a Friday deadline is about 11:00 on Saturday in London).

The moral of the tale? We were all pretty dazed the following week (well, in my case, more dazed than usual). Just like Financial Debt and Technical Debt, Physical Debt is useful when you need to borrow against the future, but it has to be paid off — and quickly. That’s why XP includes “Sustainable Pace”:

Sometimes you need to break the rules to remind yourself why they’re there.