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Mickey tells it like is

Roy Disney speaking to Disney Shareholders on 3rd March 2004 and quoted “here”:
shows that he understands the reality of inellectual work. I’ve worked at too many places that feel like this, and too few that don’t.

bq. Unfortunately, our corporate values have been compromised in recent years.

bq. In large part, this is the result of a cynical management’s belief that, in the absence of ideas, the road to success is to cut back on everyone and everything that once made you successful, that you don’t really need to give your guests value for money, that creativity and originality are luxuries you can no longer afford … that art and artists are commodities to be bought and sold like any other office supply.

bq. To me, the wrong-headedness of these beliefs is self-evident.

bq. The creative process is the lifeblood of the Disney Company. If it is to thrive, we must do everything possible to establish an environment in which it can once again flourish.

bq. Creativity is a funny thing — difficult to quantify, but obvious when it’s missing. It’s a living, breathing force with a life of its own, and it tends to flower among individuals or small groups. It doesn’t always show up on demand … or at convenient times or places. And it often gets killed by committees or by something called strategic planning. So we need to always be on the lookout for ways to nurture it, and not let it be trampled by a lowest-common-denominator mentality

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