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June, 2004:

On the origins of TDD

At “ADC2004”: I was chatting with “Ward Cunningham”: about the origins of Test Driven Development. He said that, for him, it came from working with a group that was working in parallel on the same code base. The domain was mathematical and so pretty straightforward to test, so he pushed the testing forward to make sure that they weren’t stepping on each other.

Agile Development Conference

Currently at the “Agile Development Conference”: in sunny Salt Lake City

I’m sure there will be many blogs about the event, so I’ll just make a few notes.

TODO-Driven Development (maybe)

Secret Geek has invented “TODO-Driven Development”: As he says, it started as a joke but it’s a cute idea. _[From “Strongly Typed”:]_

The trouble is that now Microsoft have “patented the infrastructure”:
(The actual patent is “here”:,748,582.WKU.&OS=PN/6,748,582&RS=PN/6,748,582) _[From “James Robertson”:]_

Am I the only person who thinks this is getting ridiculous?