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December, 2004:


So, a whole “bunch of dads”: have contributed to a “Gridblog”: on the question, _What advice would you have liked to receive when you were a new or expectant father?_. Here goes…

*Allow enough time* You cannot believe how much time kids take up, especially early on, until they learn to entertain themselves (then you have different things to worry about). Remember when going out meant putting on your coat? A 2 year-old can throw a tantrum just before the train is due to leave. A 5 year-old can string out putting on shoes for 30 minutes.

*Career or Family* Think this one through. Traditionally guys didn’t have a choice. Now, as the existence of this list suggests, we want a slice too. Unfortunately, almost all companies are run by guys who’ve picked the first option and so find it hard to take the second option seriously. An astonishing number of companies think this is a gender issue.

*Tellytubbies, learn to love them* They’re pretty cool, actually. “CBeebies”: is one of the shiniing lights of the BBC and as a good an argument as I can think of for not leaving everything to the market.

One more thing, nappies (diapers) have a couple of strips that should be folded out when you open them. It took us a week of laundry before my wife’s mother turned up and showed us.