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A metaphor I won't use again.

One of the features of getting older is that you start to experience the metaphors we use in everyday speech, like “being left holding the baby”.

On December 26th, I was in Penang, Malaysia checking into a solid Victorian hotel in Georgetown, having travelled over from the other side of the island. While we were waiting, several waves hit the stone seawall. The final one was 2 metres high, made the building shake and splashed over the trees. For us it was an inconvenience, the flood closed the kitchens for a while. We didn’t realise how serious things were until we opened the papers the next day. Had it been two hours earlier, the road would have been closed. Had it been a day earlier, we might have been near the “wrong” beaches.

I don’t think I’ll use that phrase from the dot com days about “riding the tsunami” any more.

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