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May, 2006:

Shock news. NHS £6bn project overrunning!

bq. The minister in charge of the project, Lord Warner, told the Financial Times that it could be two and a half years late and cost billions of pounds more to implement than original estimates.

As reported by the “BBC”:

Linspire chooses Haskell as preferred language

Here’s an “interesting decision”:

Living Brook's Law

A “great story”: about illustrating Brook’s Law

via “Stefan Tilkov”:

Tom White understands literate programming

Tom White shows that he understands the “descriptive aspects”: of what we were trying to do with “jMock”:

Sometimes I really like living in London…

It’s not every day you get to see a “three-storey elephant and 5 metre girl wandering around the city”: More from the “BBC”: Even if they are French…



The Sultan's Elephant