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July, 2006:

We won the Gordon Pask Award

“Nat Pryce” and I have won the Agile Alliance’s “Gordon Pask award”:

We weren’t at the ceremony (since we weren’t expecting to win), but we wrote a response for the event:

bq. We are pleased and very honoured to receive one of this year’s Gordon Pask awards. We really didn’t expect it which is why, unfortunately, neither of us is here. The spirit and message of the Agile movement is so important to us because it’s a way for us to practice our trade that is humane and that actually works.

bq. Whatever we have achieved, we have done so because we belong to a fantastic community based around the London eXtreme Tuesday Club, a truly anarchic organisation that has now been going for nearly eight years. There are so many lively, inventive, and committed people there that it’s hard not to do well. So, we accept this award as representatives of our colleagues in the XTC.