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Where should we spend the money?

“Dave Snowden”: recently cited a UNESCO report that currently there are 27 million slaves worldwide and that their average price is £60. Inspired by Robert Cringley’s “Modest Proposal”: that it would be more effective to “buy everyone in the US a low emission car”:, it struck me that the total cost of buying everyone’s freedom would be £1,620M. This isn’t much more than a couple of failed UK government IT projects. Perhaps we could get the big consultancies to chip in.


  1. C Gardner says:

    If only slave owners would retire once their “goods” are completely sold. Could this create a more lucrative slave market? If slave owners see that the world is willing to pay for freedom, they may be tempted to enslave others. In other words, they might increase the supply, expecting demand will follow. Would paying for freedom ever end slavery?

  2. Steve Freeman says:

    Of course, this wasn’t a serious suggestion because it would generate all sorts of unintended consequences. It was more of an observation. Actually, I believe the sum is half of T. Boone Pickens’ salary this year.