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April, 2007:

Jason on Perfection

Jason Gorman has a rather, um, forceful posting on the “benefits of high quality”: In my experience, I’ve almost always regretted compromising on a quality issue, often within a couple of weeks.

Interestingly, near-perfection is the norm the performing arts. Producers still come to high-cost locations like London and Los Angeles to record scores because the skill level is so high that it’s worth it. It would be nice to think we could achieve the same.

Why I am a Keyboard Hog

Hi. My name is Steve and I’m (sniff), I’m a Keyboard Hog.

But there may be a solution. I was talking to fellow sufferer “Ivan”: on the train back from “SPA”: and I thought about my, in “NLP”: terms, “kinesthetic”: tendency[1]. I realised that the important thing for me was to have something in my hands and, with a single keyboard, this meant doing too much of the typing. Recently, at “my current client”: we’ve been able to plug in two keyboards thanks to the wonders of USB and I _think_ I’m getting the habit under control. Now I have something to hold, but my pair can type as well. Ivan said he recognised the pattern, but now he’s post-technical it doesn’t affect him.

One day at a time.

fn1. Actually, reading through the NLP article, I seem to have all the tendencies at once. I guess it’s like reading a medical textbook.

Now I know what my PhD is for…

I’m qualified to install Google’s new TISP service.