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May, 2007:

Can't work with iWork

I really like using Apple’s “iWork”: programs Keynote and Pages. They’re cheap, clean, and intuitive to use, and the results usually look nice by default.

The trouble is they’re stored as bundles — directories that OS/X presents as a single file. First, this is confusing when trying to upload a document to a website. My bug report made it to the “37signals blog”: Second, I can’t easily use version control systems such as subversion, as noted “here”: and “here”: because they like to rewrite part of the tree erasing the .svn directories. I don’t really want to “change my version control system”: or “manipulate directories before checking in”: (see “Things to Watch Out For” at the bottom).

The obvious solution would be to do what applications like OpenOffice do and package the directories up in an archive, but I’m not expecting that from Apple soon. The most likely solution is that I’ll have to give up and revert back to Microsoft Office, which is a less pleasant authoring experience.

Does anyone have a better plan?

Psychological research supports delegation

My reading of “this article”: is that it says that people in charge should concentrate on the people and on setting policy _at their level_ because they’re unlikely to be open to lower-level issues.

bq. “There are good components to power’s effects on a person, in that it helps lead people to action, but sometimes these actions are misguided because the powerful have not taken other perspectives into account,” Galinsky said. “It’s like having a gas pedal without a good steering wheel.”

Good news for Canada

_dynamicproxy_ writes about “having his visa turned down to speak at JavaOne”: He handles his frustrations better than I do. Maybe this is part of a new policy to reduce aircraft emmissions?

I hadn’t realised that OOPLSA had spiked when in Vancouver, it was certainly a great location.