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June, 2007:

Am I a B-Person?

There’s a movement started in Denmark to support later risers in society. From the “B Society web site”:

bq. B-persons has an inner day-and-night lasting 25-27 hours, whereas A-persons has one that runs through approximately 23 hours.

bq. A B-person has a strive for staying awake untill late at night — for instance, to go to bed at 1 or 2 a.m. and then sleep a little longer in the morning.

bq. If a B-person and an A-person goes to sleep at the same time, and rise at the same time early, the morning wil be experienced differently as the body-temperature of the A-person is higher than that of the B-person at this point. The B-person therefore has a very good reason for feeling drowsy, as it is still “night” (“time for sleep”) for the B-person.

bq. 15-25 percent of the population are B-persons, 10-15 percent are A-persons. The rest of the population are more or less either one or the other, or something in between.

I wonder whether there’s any bias amongst geeks towards being B-people?