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A busy March

Two conferences back-to-back.

On Thursday 13th March, I’m chairing a track at QCon London called XpDay Sampler. The idea is to build on the long-running success of the XpDay and run some of our sessions for, we hope, a new audience. We think we have a pretty strong track, finishing with a panel session including Kent Beck—who’s never actually spoken at XpDay but he did turn up unannounced at the first one bringing Swiss chocolate.

On Tuesday 11th, Romilly Cocking and I will be running a new tutorial we’re developing with Nat Pryce on Test-Driven Development with Mock Objects, following on from a successful first run at the last XpDay.

Finally, from the 16th I’ll be at SPA presenting with Mike Hill a taster of our new Examples course, and with Michael Feathers and Meirion Morgan (a quant friend of mine) a very introductory workshop on using a functional language (OCaml) using financial derivatives for our examples.

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