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A coincidence? I don't think so…

The day after Apple announce their new, metal MacBook, the plastic starts chipping off my current white one. Hmmm.

Update It gets worse. Our two 12″ PowerBooks, the machine we really wanted them to refresh, have started failing too. They’re trying to force an upgrade.


  1. Ashley Moran says:

    You do realise that Apple builds laptops they can remotely self-destruct when they release a new design, right? 🙂

  2. I /knew/ it! Operated from Black Helicopters, right?

  3. I feel your pain, Steve. My white Macbook is held together with tape. And now, since the new models, it’s decided to become an order of magnitude slower.

    And here I thought this would be the machine that would last me until Apple makes a tablet! Instead, it looks like I’m going to pull the trigger as soon as new macs will ship with Snow Leopard. I’m guessing (hoping?) Macworld 2009 I’m still on Tiger, so I figure it just makes sense to bypass Leopard.

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