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November, 2008:

Software Craftsmanship 2009

I, too, have become involved in Jason Gorman‘s Software Craftsmanship mini-conference. If you’re interested, now is a good time to visit the site and propose a session.

This conference aims to showcase and champion the “hard skills”, and champion the idea of software craftsmanship and the ways in which it can be encouraged and supported in the workplace, in schools and colleges, and among the wider software development community.

Maybe it’s just a hubris, maybe craftsmanship is the wrong word, but we want to promote the idea that skill and experience (i.e. us) are of value in software development.

As if software mattered…

From a history of the development of SIMULA

In the spring of 1967 a new employee at the NCC in a very shocked voice told the switchboard operator: “Two men are fighting violently in front of the blackboard in the upstairs corridor. What shall we do?” The operator came out of her office, listened for a few seconds and then said: “Relax, it’s only Dahl and Nygaard discussing SIMULA”.

via Lambda the Ultimate

If I promise to work like a dead pig, can I go home early?