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QCon London: Tighten up your Agile technical skills

There’s been some chatter on the interweb recently, from Ron Jeffries and Martin Fowler for example, on the risks of a team adopting
only the ceremonial parts of Agile, without also adopting the “hard” technical practices as well.

Luckily for people with access to London (UK), we have a track at this year’s QCon to address just this point. “Turning on a sixpence — technical skills for Agile development” is targeted at teams that have adopted Agile and are struggling with some of the technical practices. We have a cracking programme full of people who actually know what it takes to deliver and support a system.

I’d like to say that we had great timing on this one because of our special wisdom, but a more likely explanation is that this issue is always relevant because building software really well is just hard.

P.S. On the current QCon London 2009 home page, I find myself cited in the same list as Tony Hoare, Joe Amstrong et. al. This should be treated as an amusing accident.

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