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Cool gadgets

Can I afford this business card?

I run my own company, perhaps I should make a business card like this: lego business card.

from Alexander Kjerulf via Diana of Portland

The Lego of Gadgets

This stuff from Buglabs looks really cool.

One Build Monitor per child

The One Laptop Per Child project will be offering a Give 1 Get 1 program for a little while. We all know we want one to play with but haven’t found a good excuse yet. So propose to your management to use them as build monitors, they might even be tax-deductible.

I’m just hoping we can find a way to get hold of them in the UK too.

Another great way to lose track of time on the Web.

I just bumped into this service from Blogger. It shows the pictures that are being uploaded in realtime. I don’t know why but it’s addictive.

A new generation of Lego Mindstorms

Described “here”:

Via “lemonodor”:

Comment your code


How to avoid RSI

or just “vent your frustrations”:

via. “Grady Booch”:

Internet telephony

My wife is currently in Japan where her GSM phone doesn’t work. We’ve just had a chat using “Skype”: I don’t know if it’s the best internet voice service, but it certainly works fine for us. I know I’m a late adopter on many things (I remember colleagues using Next machines to talk to California, oh, 12 years ago), but this one is a very nice repackaging of the technology. Anyway, how good does it have to be for free?

Thin clients come of age?

First Mike Roberts raves about gmail and now “this”:, an XHTML-based presentation kit using CSS and JavaScript (via “Kyle Rankin”:

Maybe I don’t need desktop applications after all….

pycore: Python on VisualWorks

As reported by recondite, Peter Deutsch is “porting Python to run on VisualWorks Smalltalk”:

This should be good.