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Develop your intuition for maths.

Nice post

Unfortunately, math understanding seems to follow the DNA pattern. We’re taught the modern, rigorous definition and not the insights that led up to it. We’re left with arcane formulas (DNA) but little understanding of what the idea is. […] not all starting points are equal. The right perspective makes math click — and the mathematical “cavemen” who first found an idea often had an enlightening viewpoint. Let’s learn how to build our intuition.

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The cognitive neuroscience of magic

A heavy title, but there are some great videos linked from this paper in Nature on “Attention and Awareness in Magic”, written by a team of scientists and top rate illusionists. Watch James Randi pull a fast one on Daniel Dennett, see if you can tell which is which…

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Glass Virtuoso, remarkable

Wait for a minute in.

This requires a lot of practice.


2008 What have you changed your mind about? Why?

“The Edge” online magazine posts a question every year to lots of interesting people. The strapline this year is:

Science is based on evidence. What happens when the data change? How have scientific findings or arguments changed your mind?”

A major time-sink.