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Coming up for air (Agile 2009)

Minke Whale surfacing

I’ve been mostly off-line for a couple of months: no blogs (reading or writing), no twitter, no open source (sorry, users), very little chat. That’s because Nat and I have been finishing up the copy editing of our book. We’re very much looking forward to it being done.

With that out of the way, I can start getting ready for Agile2009 in Chicago. I’ll be presenting two sessions on Wednesday:

A busy day, so I hope to see you there.
Agile 2009

Whale photo by René Ehrhardt (CC) 2008

Asian trip. Anyone interested?

I’ll be travelling for personal reasons to Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, and Hong Kong in late October.

I’ve already been making enquiries, so if you’re interested in getting together then please drop me a line.

Travel to XP2008?

In preparation for my (first) tutorial at XP2008, I’ll be arriving at Shannon airport at about 7:30, Tuesday night. If anyone wants to share a ride to Limerick, please let me know. Comment on this blog if you don’t have my address.

Am I a B-Person?

There’s a movement started in Denmark to support later risers in society. From the “B Society web site”:

bq. B-persons has an inner day-and-night lasting 25-27 hours, whereas A-persons has one that runs through approximately 23 hours.

bq. A B-person has a strive for staying awake untill late at night — for instance, to go to bed at 1 or 2 a.m. and then sleep a little longer in the morning.

bq. If a B-person and an A-person goes to sleep at the same time, and rise at the same time early, the morning wil be experienced differently as the body-temperature of the A-person is higher than that of the B-person at this point. The B-person therefore has a very good reason for feeling drowsy, as it is still “night” (“time for sleep”) for the B-person.

bq. 15-25 percent of the population are B-persons, 10-15 percent are A-persons. The rest of the population are more or less either one or the other, or something in between.

I wonder whether there’s any bias amongst geeks towards being B-people?

Sometimes I really like living in London…

It’s not every day you get to see a “three-storey elephant and 5 metre girl wandering around the city”: More from the “BBC”: Even if they are French…



The Sultan's Elephant

Disk Crash!

If I owe anyone a response, please drop me a reminder since I’ve finally suffered a disk crash and, of course, my backups are a bit out of date. The horse having bolted, I’ve been rushing around buying Firewire disks and that sort of thing.

The thing that really took up time was the effort to recover something from the disk. As John Cleese’s character said in the film Clockwise: the worst thing is hope, once that’s gone it’s not so bad.

Apple support has been good, once pushed, except that I can’t find a copy of the relevant version of Keynote to download. I might have to buy another copy, which is a bit rough. If I’d used Powerpoint, at least I’d be able to work with “NeoOffice”:

And I’m so pleased I use IMAP for email.


“SPA 2006”: looks like another good year. Not least, of course, because I’m rerunning “Storytelling with FIT”: with “Mike Hill”: and “Getting to know your Customer”: with “Andy Pols”:

Sign up before the end of the month to get the discount!

Looks like all conference committees are the same

“This one”: is run by the theorists

Brian Foote has linked back to my posting and now I realise that I’ve broken blog etiquette by not providing a “via” link, like this one:

via “Brian Foote”:

No, no, no, Mr. Jobs!

“This”: is not what I want, “this”: is. 5.6lbs weight. Dongles for VGA (forgot mine again this week). New, incompatible power connection.

Another year to wait, then.

My bug report made the headlines…

I was trying to “upload a keynote presentation”: to “backpack”: and they wrote up the bug in public…